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Embracing natural design means moving past the concrete, metal, and exposed pipes of the industrial craze. A natural aesthetic incorporates sustainable materials you wouldn’t be surprised to discover outside. Nothing brings warmth and comfort to a space like raw and rustic wood. And other natural materials like rattan, bamboo, jute, and cork create a sense of sanctuary. Even adding some stone vases and décor can create the grounding that is the signature to nature-based design. 

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Whereas faux and human-made materials are always subject to the latest innovation, nature is forever. Nature is where we all came from and to where we’ll all return. The more we embrace the connection between nature and our well-being, the clearer it becomes: Natural design and fibers like cotton don’t just look nice in our home… They belong in our home. We can feel good about the fact that 100% cotton biodegrades at the end of its life and does not contribute to widespread microplastic pollution. And our home simply deserves the best, like the materials Mother Nature made herself.

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